Brand Identity and Graphic Design


My brain is a busy place.


·  Alison Brueggemann  ·

I’ve spent a decade building Storied Creative into a lean, innovative, richly creative agency, and now find myself in a constant state of joyful imagining. I noodle on visuals while sipping my morning coffee, soak up artistic works both cutting-edge and ancient, and find constant inspiration in the natural world. I love my job, and it loves me back!

I’m constantly curious and profoundly passionate. In short, collaboration delights me. My design process involves vigorous exploration, deep listening, and engaged partnership with my clients. Together we sketch out a plan of action, then I leverage both raw creativity and smart strategy to bring their stories to life. I adore distilling complex ideas to make them both instantly resonant and visually arresting.

Thrilling my clients thrills me. With 15 years of experience in design and project management, I can handle just about anything you throw at me. I’m able to balance the creation of stunning, evocative visuals with efficient, on-time delivery. I strive to create authentic, engaging design solutions that weave spectacular stories while capturing the hearts and minds of an eager audience.


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